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Laced with Hip Hop aesthetics, X The Artist creates work that dares to speak to the best and worst of our world.

X cites his mixed media/collage style as a strategic approach to critical social analysis. It is, if nothing else, a manifesto that acknowledges the role of the artist in the 21st century. But don’t let this intelligent engagement with creativity intimidate you. The Brooklyn native creates art for all and his talent has garnered him commissions from some of Hip Hop’s notables including  Curren$y, Jim Jones, SONNY DIGITAL, ChopHouze336 Recording Studio, DjESudd, & 2Chainz+.

Still, there is a complexity that cannot be ignored. Where many artists refuse to take risks, X the artist pushes boundaries drawing inspiration from everyday materials, scenes, news reports, and music. One has only to look at pieces such as Money Power Respect or Vertical to see evidence of an artist invested in interrogating complicated realities. Each piece, a collage of oils, acrylics, found objects such as cans and even dollar bills, represents what the artist refers to as “organized chaos.” Indeed, his work mirrors, the multiple dimensions of any individual at any given moment.


And from where does one learn to think about art in these terms you might ask? No other place than at home. Inspired by his great- grandmother Martha Jane Pettway (famous Quilter), she is known as a woman before her time, X The Artist treats the creation process the way he says Martha Jane Pettway treated her life- with style and grace.






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